Film & TV

For cinema and TV, PRODIGO follows the same footsteps: relevant themes, high quality and a bold attitude. Those are the ingredients that made up the recipe for films such as ‘Freedom Station’ and ‘Matraga’ – the latter nothing short of an adaptation of Guimarães Rosa’s famous short story and the most awarded production at the Rio International Film Festival [2003]. In our documentaries, we tackle controversial universes such as the topics raised in 'Rio Breaks' [partnership with Sundance Channel], 'Hard Riders' [Red Bull] and 'Motoboys’, winner of the São Paulo International Film Festival. For TV, we wrote and produced the original series ‘THE GUIDE’ [NAT GEO], ‘Oscar Freire_279’ [Multishow], ‘Copa Hotel’ [GNT], ‘Until Death Do Us Part’ [A&E], ‘Passionates’ [+Gsat] and finally, ‘FDP’ – produced in partnership with HBO and considered the Best TV Series of the Year according to the São Paulo Association of Art Critics – APCA.